My menagerie can be found at several sites around the web and I can be contacted through each one of them. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter render the quickest response times and are best for chatting, while serious business proposals and inquiries should be sent to

At this time I am –not– accepting commissions, but I will happily discuss customization of my existing work or making reproductions of my original designs for your particular needs. I am also open to art trades, collaborations, licensing agreements, and vending opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

If customization is something you are interested in, please include these important details in your email: your budget, the timeframe in which you would like it finished, any special materials or details you would like to be included, and how you intend to use the piece (if it is going to be worn, displayed outside, subjected to moisture, e.t.c., so that I can reinforce it accordingly).